Blue dye

Blue granular spray pattern indicator dye and lake colourant.

Usage and benefits:

  • Best results found when mixed in warm/hot water
  • Use as a lake colourant
  • Touch dry on the leaf in 2/3 minutes, stays on the leaf 2/3 days.
  • Apply 10-15gm to 100 litres
  • Spraytech’s days of being covered in blue dye are over

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Blue Dye?
Indicator Blue Granules. Professional strength, highly concentrated and cost effective:
• Aids identification of blocked nozzles and helps to eliminate the risk of
dangerous overlaps as well as identifying missed areas of spray solutions
• Reduce light into ponds, lakes and water features
• Applied product is safe for the environment, people, pond and aquatic wildlife.

Whats the dilution rate?
10-15gm to 100 litres

How do i mix it?
Best mixed in warm water in a bucket and then add to spray tank.

Do I need protective clothing?
Ideally use latex gloves for mixing in case any blue dye goes on your hands, always use protective clothing when spraying.

Download our Blue Dye Sales Sheet here