Amenitysales XCU Slow- Release Granular Fertilisers

AmentySale have a variety of slow release granular fertilisers for tees and fairways that are XCU coated to give longevity of 3-4 months.

Where Economics Meets Agronomics

AmenitySales XCU brings you to the crossroads of fertilizer innovation by blending economics with agronomics. Thanks to a unique proprietary coating process, developed XCU to deliver the highest Nitrogen level and the lowest sulphur content of any polymer-coated, sulphur-coated product available today. AmenitySales XCU enables you to provide consistent feeding for better turf quality, along with many cost-saving benefits at the same time. Proven Technology, Proven Performance. AmenitySales XCU proves that not all polymer-coated sulphur-coated ureas are created equal. Unlike other products, AmenitySales's XCU new coating process adds durability and consistency in blending and application.

In fact, AmenitySales XCU combines the best coating technologies. AmenitySales XCU delivers more reliable, more predictable release of its encapsulated urea nutrients, so you can get 3-4 months of steady, dependable and highly efficient feeding.(3-4 Months longevity is based on soil temperature of 18-20 degrees C, longevity will be reduced the higher the soil temperature) More Nitrogen, Less Sulphur. AmenitySales's XCU unique formulation is specially created to deliver higher Nitrogen levels and lower sulphur than any other polymer-coated, sulphur-coated product. With 93% coated slow-release Nitrogen (CSRN), AmenitySales's XCU has more kgs of Nitrogen per ton versus the competition.

The following standard ratios are blended with a AmenitySales's XCU coated Nitrogen. The coating is not affected by drastic temperature changes or excessive rainfall and it is suitable for turf, which has varying pH balances. Excellent for use on sportsfields, fairways, golf tees and aprons, The use of this type of product cuts down unnecessary application costs and labour (fast release fertilisers), and its slow release action reduces the chance of leaching.

2.5-3.5 mm GRADE AmenitySales's Coated for Tees, fairways and amenity areas with a cutting height greater than 10mm.

Product Name + Fe (%) + Mg (%) Amenity Sales XCU Coating Treat Rate (g/m2) Useage Granule Size
25-5-5   2 55% Spring/Summer 2.5 - 3.0mm
25-5-10   2 25% Spring/Summer 2.5 - 3.0mm
12-6-6     30% Spring/Summer 2.5 - 3.0mm
15-0-22   3 60% Autumn/Winter 2.5 - 3.0mm
3-6-12   2 70%   Autumn/Winter 2.5 - 3.0mm

Mini Grade 1.5mm XCU Coated for Tees, Fairways and amenity areas with a cutting height greater than 6mm.

Product Name + Fe (%) + Mg (%) Amenity Sales XCU Coating Treat Rate (g/m2) Useage Granule Size
25-4-10 - 2 65% Spring/Summer 1.5mm
14-2-5 2 - 25% Spring/Summer 1.5mm
20-0-20   3 65% Spring/Summer 1.5mm
15-0-23 2 2 75% Autumn/Winter 1.5mm