Amenity Sales Iron Products Range


TS Iron Iron 6% + Mn.

A high quality liquid Iron complex, with added Manganese and natural wetting agent to aid uptake of Iron by plant. Excellent for hardening turf, 'greening-up' and correcting Iron deficiencies.

Pack size: 10, 20 & 200 Litres.

Apply at: 20-30 ltrs per ha 250ml per 100m2.

TS Liquid Value Iron 6%

A very cost effective liquid Iron made from Iron Sulphate, specially designed for fairway applications or large areas of amenity turf. Product is already dissolved so saves time and effort in preparation. Gives excellent 'green-up' and hardening.

Pack size: 20 & 200 Litres.

Apply at: 20-30 ltrs per ha 250ml per 100m2.

Granular and Soluble

Granular Spreadable Iron Mini 12%Fe 5 Mg0.

Mini grade 100% Ferrous Sulphate Granular Hardener also containing Magnesium. Which can be applied directly to turf as an alternative to liquid iron to increase colour, if applied at full rate this will cause blackening and will burn moss, it also hardens the turf, which reduces the chance of disease.

Apply at any time from September to early March or this product can be applied at any time of the year to increase colour if required. Longevity 4-6 weeks. 35-40 gms/m2.

Supplied in 20/500/1000Kg bags.

TS Soluble Iron 20%

A high quality soluble Iron made from Ferrous Sulphate for use as a 'green up' or hardening of amenity turf. Can be dissolved in water.

Application Details for 'Greening Up' Turf:

Mix 8-10 kg of soluble iron in 300-400 litres of water and stir well until granules dissolve. (Product will dissolve easier if mixed with warm/hot water to start with) This will treat 1 hectare of turf.

For extra hardening and blackening apply up to 24kg of product per hectare.

TS Turf Hardener

(2-0-10 + 8.7% Slow Release Fe)

Greens Grade (1.5mm 150SGN particle size) turf hardener, that contains a well proven slow release granular iron. This product is designed to be applied during the autumn/winter months to aid hardening and create a long lasting green-up. The high potassium content will also help stress relief and maintain plant count.

The iron content (8.7%) is made up of a small portion of iron sulphate, to give a rapid green-up, the remainder is high analysis natural granular Iron with both a readily available, and slow release iron source that is environmentally safe. This product also contains trace elements and humic acids to further assist in a prolonged green-up, strengthening turf and improved root development.

This Blended product has been specially designed, is easy to apply and all particles will settle into a fine turf and quickly dissolve.

Application Rate: Apply at 36-50 grams per m2 or (360-500 kg per hectare) 18-25 x 20kg per hectare.

Zeolites (Mini Grade)

Zeolites are a natural mimed product with unique physical, chemical and cationic exchange properties also contains a full range of trace elements. High based sand root zones offer little capacity for water and nutrient retention and when the sand/soil gets compacted it can hold too much water which retards growth.

  • Increases cation exchange (CEC) re- mineralises poor soils.

  • Reduces fertiliser leaching and chemical run off.

  • Prevents water logging, hardens off playing surfaces.

Zeolites hold water and nutrients, such as Potassium, Nitrogen, trace elements and release them when the plant requires it, which is important in time of stress such as drought.

Supplied in 20, 500. 1000 Kg bags.

Granulated Limestone – Mini Grade

Spread able granular lime for adjusting pH in amenity turf or any other soils that need the pH altering.

Sandy and Loamy Sands Sand Loams and Silt Loam Clay Loam and Clay Organic Soils (20-25% OM) Peat Soils (>25% OM)
Grammes Required 28 43 57 72 100
to raise pH by 0.5 gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm
(ie 5 up to 5.5)          
Grammes required 56 86 114 144 200
to raise pH by 1 gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm gms/sqm
(ie 5 up to 6)          

Supplied in 20, 500,1000 Kg bags.

Timing and application details

  • To increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) apply 0.5-1 tonne/ha for maintenance only.

  • To increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) apply 5-10 tonne/ha for new construction/Grow-in.

  • To Prevents water logging, hardens off playing surfaces for new construction apply 5-10 tonne/ha.

Apply after aeration, brushing or drag matting, to make sure granular enters root zone. This can be mixed to top dressing or divot mix. Zeolites can be applied at any time of the year.

pH = 6.8

Nutrient content =

P205 3.1%; K2O 2.9%; FeO 10.0%; MgO 5,4%; CaO 5.5%; MnO 1.0%; SO3 2.5%; TiO 1.5%; Al2O3 13.0%; SiO2 41.5%; Cu 250ppm; Mo 120ppm; Zn 190PPM.