Tower Poultry

Typical analysis 6-2-4 (N:P2O5:K2O)

As a horticultural, amenity turf and retail general purpose fertiliser.

Ideal where organic matter is required in the soil. Very cost affective general amenity no scorch fertiliser. 100%.

Application Rates

Typical application rates would be 35gms to 75gms / sqm but this will vary widely dependant on the situation.

Supplied in 20kg, 500kg, 1000kg bags

Seaweed Meal

Healthy soil plays the most important role for all grass situations. For all plant life to exist in good health it is paramount that there is a good soil structure complemented with a sufficient fertiliser programme. This Seaweed Meal has been developed for the enhancement of soil structure. This product helps to increase plant production and improve poor soil conditions.

Seaweed Meal is derived from seaweed, which has been harvested in Ireland for centuries as one of our richest sources of natural manure. This Seaweed Meal is a powerful organic colloid supplying over 60 different trace elements for healthy growth. With the addition of moisture it helps to establish a fine tilth and crumb structure in all soils from clay to sand types. The product also supplies a unique gel medium, which aids aeration, moisture and nutrient retention, strong root growth and shoot emergence by alleviation of the soil. The Seaweed Meal is very effective as an ingredient with sand or soil as a top dressing, it is ideal for use in golf green construction and suitable as a base for turf laying.

Physical Data

Pack Size: 25kg bags.

Application Timings: Any time of the year after aeration except during frost.

Application Rates: Top dressing: 50-75 grammes per square metre (25-37.5kg/500m2 greens).

Construction: 1.5 kilograms per cubic metre.