When collecting testimonials we decided that we wanted a spread of clients who represented all sectors of our wonderful industry. All of the Course Managers who have given the testimonials are recognised as experienced and respected turf professionals with a wealth of knowledge. We hope you gain comfort from not only these Course Managers but many more throughout the UK.

“AquaRapido has become an important part of our Winter agronomic management plan. It is extremely versatile with amazing dewcure properties, we’ve also had fantastic results on greens helping to move water through the profile.”

John McLoughlan, Course Manager, Warrington Golf Club


“I have been using AquaRapido for a number of years as a penetrant & dew suppressant. It has helped reduce disease pressure, reduced our workload, improved conditions for players & improved water movement through our soil profile. All the boxes have been ticked for me.”

Mark Jones, Course Manager, Morecambe Golf Club


“AquaRapido has become a major part of our disease management programme, it keeps the water flowing through the profile and helps in keeping the plant dew free. Very impressive.”

Tony Stephen, Course Manager, Swinley Forest Golf Club


“AquaRapido has become our go to product in the fight against disease. It also has helped us move water through the profile in the wettest of months. With a clean leaf and a dry green we are highly delighted with this product.”

Paul O’Connor, Course Manager, The Northumberland Golf Club


“I am delighted to have chosen AquaRapido, not only does it aid plant nutrition, it also saves us on competition days where without doubt we would have been closed. Fantastic dew dispersant qualities as well. Great product.”

Peter McVicar, Course Manager, Hesketh Golf Club