AquaRapido is an advanced soil penetrant that disperses water though problem areas to ensure members can play throughout even the wettest months of the year.

AquaRapido works with the favourable microbes in the soil to improve the health of the turf. Unlike some polymeric surfectants, it doesn’t persist in the environment and completely biodegrades from the soil profile within 30 days of application. It’s a kinder, greener way to keep grass disease away.

Not only does AquaRapido preserve turf quality but it removes standing and puddling water with remarkable speed. Water, nutrients and active ingredients sink into the profile’s root system preserving the health of the turf and keeping your members happy throughout the wettest months of the year.

Usage and benefits:

  • Use between 5/10 litres per Ha in 600 litres of water
  • Compatible with most products, ideal to be tank mixed where you need product to get the root. (Do a jar test prior to spraying to guarantee compatibility)
  • This product must be watered in as the product works in the profile not on the leaf
  • Acts as a dew supprresent for 20-27 days thus helping further control disease pressure
  • Keeps the leaf dry, ideal for the fight against turf disease.

This product must be watered in as it works in the profile not on the leaf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Aquarapido?
Arguably the strongest penetrant in the marketplace today. After three years in development those that have used it are still amazed at the results they are getting. The ideal product for removing water from your greens giving you disease free, dew free, water free greens. This product is available in 20 and 1000 litre containers only.

Does it scorch?

Is it safe to tank mix?
Yes, but do a jar test first

Its the first time I’ve used it, what rate should I go out?
Start at 5 litres per Ha

Will it penetrate thatch layers?

Can I get 5 litres?
No, they are packed in 20 litre containers thus cutting down environmentally sensitive plastic waste.

Do you have stockists in my area?
Yes, give the office a ring and we will direct you accordingly.

Why do I have to either water it in or use prior to rain?
The product works in the profile NOT on the leaf